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When it comes to public guidance, Lavi Industries is the leader. From crowd control stanchions and retractable belt posts to in-line merchandising and electronic queuing systems, Lavi Industries leads the industry in innovating state-of-the-art crowd control technologies and queue management solutions.

In fact, for more than 30 years, Lavi Industries has helped small and large businesses efficiently guide the public through their facilities. We coined the term “Public Guidance” when most companies used the phrase crowd control. This affirmative philosophy is imbedded into every product we make. From our Beltrac® retractable belt stanchions to our Qtrac® Electronic Queuing Systems, our goal is to guide customers through your facility in a positive and safe manner.

Our bi-coastal manufacturing and distribution facilities in Southern California and New York enable us to meet the demands of short lead times while maintaining cost effective freight rates.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Large on-hand inventory including brass, stainless steel and aluminum crowd control stanchions.
  • In-house polishing, finishing, and cutting of tubing and railing.
  • In-house 3D rendering of queue configurations or custom crowd control products.
  • Immediate availability of specification sheets for crowd control, railing, signage, in-line merchandising, and electronic queuing products.
  • In-house print art production for signage and belt imprinting graphics.
  • Exceptional customer service.

Lavi Industries is dedicated to bringing you quality crowd control, public guidance, queuing, signage and railing products that enhance your facility as well as your bottom line. Our commitment to quality and value can’t be beat.

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