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Selecting a Stanchion Base Style

Stanchion Base Style

Lavi Industries is your best source for public guidance systemssuch as stanchions, or posts and ropes. When purchasing such a system, you must first decide which style of stanchion is best for your needs. Traditional stanchions with swag ropes offer a classic look. The traditional portable post has a weighted base to prevent tipping, particularly when heavier ropes or chains are hung from them.

At Lavi, we offer the lightweight Tulip Post for applications that will require frequent set up and tear down. Although lighter, they have a wide base to add stability. They are designed to be used with lighter Foam Core Ropes to minimize the chance of tipping over. These lightweight foam ropes are also ideal for outdoor use. For applications that utilize numerous posts, you may want to consider purchasing stanchion carts to quickly and easily transport your posts to where they are needed.

Contemporary-styled Beltrac® and Contempo® posts offer another design option. Although the posts themselves serve a similar function as traditional stanchions, they feature a retractable belt. Not only is this more convenient, the weight of the hanging rope is eliminated. This means you will not need additional space to store various lengths of rope or chain.

If you will frequently be placing posts in the same position, removable stanchions are another great option. These posts fit into a floor mount which is capped when not in use. Because the mounts are permanently installed the end result is a custom look.

Stanchion Carts for Easy Transport

Stanchion Carts

Transporting posts and ropes to the proper location can take more time than actually erecting or removing your equipment. Lavi Industries has developed a series of convenient stanchion carts that hold either 9 or 16 posts. Carts can be connected to form a train that carries the exact amount of posts necessary from place to place. A special cart is available to transport barrier panels as well. The post carts can effectively and efficiently move any of our stanchion styles.

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