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Qtrac Media Manager


Southwest Airlines Operations Forecasting found that Qtrac significantly improved their ticket counter efficiency over their standard practice.

-Southwest Airlines

Your products are well designed with very good build quality, especially when compared to other products on the market.

-California Academy of Science


Qtrac Media Manager
Centralized Multimedia Control

Centralize control of your Digital Media displays with Qtrac® Media Manager. Qtrac Media Manager coordinates and manages in-store digital signage for in-queue displays running Lavi's Qtrac queue management software, as well as other media-only displays positioned throughout a store. Additionally, Qtrac Media Manager is fully scalable, enabling the control of a single monitor or hundreds of displays across numerous regions, giving total control of in-store signage and messaging.

Centralize control of Digital Media displays with Qtrac Media Manager.
  • Works seamlessly with Qtrac Queue Management systems.

  • Proven to dramatically improve impulse sales.

  • Reduces perceived wait times at checkout by as much as 35%.

  • Centralizes control of in-store electronic signage and in-queue digital messaging.

  • Fully scalable media control - from one display to hundreds across multiple stores and regions.

  • Create unlimited playlists to distribute media to individual displays or customized groups based on regions or locations.

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Distribute media to individual displays or customized groups.

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