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Looking for the latest news or event information on queue management solutions? You've come to the right place. Here you'll find the latest breaking news on technology and trends in Queue management newsthe queue management, public guidance, customer flow managment, way-finding, and digital signage arenas, as well as information on the latest trade shows and events where you can see, first hand, Lavi Industries' queue managment systems and public guidance solutions.

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Lavi Industries Introduces Infographic for Planning a Flexible and Effective In-Line Merchandising System

Lavi Industries announces its latest infographic, a step-by-step guide to Planning Your NeXtrac® In-Line Merchandising System.
March 26, 2014

Step By Step Guide to Planning Your NeXtrac In-Line Merchandising System.Valencia, California - To assist managers in charge of queue management and retail sales, Lavi Industries, a leading manufacturer of crowd control and queue management systems, has released its latest infographic: Planning Your NeXtrac® In-Line Merchandising System, a Step-by-Step Guide.

To start, the infographic highlights the benefits of Lavi’s own NeXtrac® in-line merchandising system, including its flexibility and worry-free maintenance as well as how it is easy to configure, ruggedly constructed, and cost effective. Next, retailers will learn of the components that comprise the merchandising system followed by a step-by-step guide to implementation.

The infographic concludes with a list of proven results NeXtrac® will deliver when properly implemented. Retailers can look forward to increased impulse sales, a greater profit per square foot, higher customer satisfaction ratings, lower perceived wait times for patrons, and a more efficient customer flow.

“Our newest infographic vividly explains how a flexible in-line merchandising system can improve the overall waiting experience,” says Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Lavi Industries. “At the recent Globalshop 2014 Trade Show and Conference in Las Vegas, hundreds of retailers saw first-hand what many retailers across North America already know — just how easy it is to implement and configure a NeXtrac In-line Merchandising System.” Mr. Kuklin explained, “After hundreds of NeXtrac installations the verdict remains the same. Retailer after retailer confirms that their NeXtrac system has enhanced the customer experience while contributing positively to the bottom line.” He continued, “Through our infographic, we hope to alert businesses who haven’t experienced NeXtrac to the potential of in-line merchandising and its ability to transform the waiting-line experience.”

To view the infographic, visit

About Lavi Industries

Based in Valencia, California, Lavi Industries is the premier provider of public guidance, crowd control solutions, and queue management systems in North America. Leveraging its portfolio of world-class brands – Beltrac® stanchions, Directrac® signage systems, Qtrac® electronic queuing systems, and NeXtrac® in-line merchandising systems – Lavi has helped the world’s leading companies effectively guide people in, through, and out of their facilities. More information is available at

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Perry Kuklin
Director of Marketing
Lavi Industries Inc.
(661) 257-7800

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Lavi Industries Introduces Infographic for Planning a Flexible and Effective In-Line Merchandising System
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