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Crowd Control News
Thursday, May 25, 2017 
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May 4, 2010 | For Immediate Release Download Article

Valencia, California – Lavi Industries, a leader in crowd control and public guidance solutions, announced today its expanded line of NeXtrac™ In-Line Merchandising solutions. The latest additions to the NeXtrac product family, NeXtrac Merchandising Bowls and Double-Sided Post Banners provide a complete in-store solution for customer queuing, impulse merchandising and directional signage.

“Over the past five years, our NeXtrac In-Line Retail System has been widely received by major retail chains across the US,” said Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing and New Business Development, Lavi Industries. “By seamlessly integrating with our popular Beltrac® 3000 retractable-belt stanchions, NeXtrac provides retail stores with an easy, dependable and cost-effective system for customer queuing, impulse merchandising and product messaging.”

“Providing retailers with a cost-effective, simple customer queuing solution has been a hallmark of our Qtrac CF system,” continued Mr. Kuklin. “Now, with our new Electronic Virtual Queuing, Paging and Digital Signage solutions, Qtrac delivers results throughout the entire store, enhancing the customer’s total shopping experience.”

“NeXtrac’s small footprint maximizes sales per square foot and leverages impulse sales at check-out,” continued Mr. Kuklin. “Our new NeXtrac Merchandising Bowls and Double-Sided Post Banners make NeXtrac even more effective. Installed in retail stores across the U.S. and Canada, NeXtrac has been proven to increase customer queue impulse sales by as much as 400%, while keeping retail floor space requirements to a minimum.”

New NeXtrac Retail Solutions - Press Take-Aways

NeXtrac Merchandising Bowls:
  • Merchandising Bowls display last minute items for impulse sales in store checkout-lines.
  • Bowls add retail merchandising space without adding additional floor space.
  • Bowls mount to Lavi Industries’ Beltrac 3000 stanchions, with multiple bowls able to connect to a single post.
  • Bowl dimensions: 5.75" in height x 11.75" diameter.
  • Post-top and Swing-Arm versions available.
  • Merchandising Bowls have acrylic sign holders for 12” high custom graphics.

NeXtrac Double-Sided Post Banners:

  • NeXtrac Double-Sided Post Banners increase retail store signage reach.
  • Customizable NeXtrac banners drive brand awareness, store messaging and customer wayfinding.
  • NeXtrac Double-Sided Post Banners grip-mount to Lavi Industries’ Beltrac 3000 stanchions.
  • Banner options: angled or rectangular shapes from 3’ to 8’ tall.
  • Banner construction: Heavy-duty, double-sided lined fabric for maximum impact.

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