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Crowd Control News
Saturday, April 29, 2017 
New Case Study from Lavi Industries Highlights Passenger Experience Improvements at DFW Airport
Lavi Industries Releases 2015 State of Waiting Line Management Report
Lavi Industries to Showcase New Queue Analytics and Merchandising Solutions for Retailers at GlobalShop 2015
New Guide Highlights Business Strategies for Improving the Customer Experience with the Latest Queue Management Technologies
Lavi Industries to Showcase its Latest Retail Queuing Technology at NRF 2015
Lavi Industries strengthens its Queue Management portfolio with new acquisition
Lavi Industries Partners With ZenGenius to Present The Future of Retail Store at Cultivate’14
New Guide Highlights 10 Tips for Successful Waiting Lines
Lavi Industries Launches Queue Builder Web App and Expands Resources for In-Queue Merchandising
Douglas County Implements QtracVR Virtual Queuing System to Expedite DMV Customer Service
Lavi Industries Introduces Infographic for Planning a Flexible and Effective In-Line Merchandising System
New Infographic for Retailers Highlights Why Merchandising Matters in the Queue

The importance of in-line merchandising - January 11, 2012
For any retailer today, the trick to promoting successful impulse buying lies not in placing the milk at the back of the supermarket, but by reaching customers where they are most vulnerable - the check-out queue.

How queue solutions can affect a brand - October 26, 2011
The different ways queues are designed and set up can make a difference for the company using them.

Fashion accessory store boosts appeal with in-store signage and displays - October 20, 2011
Fashion accessory company uses an array of signage and displays to draw customers in.

Pop-up stores offer innovative merchandising solution - October 10, 2011
Pop-up stores have risen in popularity in recent years because of the low rent required to put up temporary stores and the merchandising opportunities they afford businesses.

Strategic supermarket lighting highlights merchandising opportunities - October 7, 2011
LED lighting is making a push to become the primary lighting source in grocery store settings.

Convenience store sales boosted by eCigs signage - October 5, 2011
Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular on convenience store shelves.

Nestle attempts to overhaul travel retail sector - October 4, 2011
Research from Nestlé International Travel Retail found that the average shopper spends between 90 seconds and two minutes queuing in line, according to the Moodie Report.

Virtual stores offer an in-store experience - October 3, 2011
A new tool created by InContext, a provider of web-based 3-D virtual store environments, will allow retailers and manufacturers to conduct market research on certain in-store products, Research Live reports.

AT&T's new store follows T-Mobile's merchandising lead - October 4, 2011
AT&T is attempting to improve its in-store experience with the unveiling of a new high-tech location in Chicago, Illinois.

Study alters merchandising strategy for convenience store - September 30, 2011
The findings of a June 2011 study by State College, Pennsylvania's VideoMining Corporation will have a significant effect on BP's ampm convenience stores, Convenience Store News reports.

Retail display software features interactive option - September 29, 2011
When customers are queuing at the grocery store or pharmacy, some owners miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of merchandising, signage and display options.

Competition challenges students' merchandising innovation - September 27, 2011
Pepsi and the Global Association for Marketing at Retail (POPAI) have teamed up to launch the first-ever Student Display Design Competition, Retail Customer Experience reports.

Retail devices allow shoppers to checkout from anywhere in the store - August 30, 2011
Retailers are always looking for ways to gain an advantage over the competition by making the in-store experience more pleasant for customers.

Study reveals consumers are receptive to self-service kiosks - August 29, 2011
According to a recent survey of grocery shoppers, self-service kiosks are among the devices they value most, easing some potentially difficult queuing situations.

Waiting in line? Retailers make queuing more enjoyable - August 16, 2011
In an age where people have access to information all the time, few can bear the thought of spending countless minutes waiting in queues for everyday activities.

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