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Crowd Control News
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 
New Case Study from Lavi Industries Highlights Passenger Experience Improvements at DFW Airport
Lavi Industries Releases 2015 State of Waiting Line Management Report
Lavi Industries to Showcase New Queue Analytics and Merchandising Solutions for Retailers at GlobalShop 2015
New Guide Highlights Business Strategies for Improving the Customer Experience with the Latest Queue Management Technologies
Lavi Industries to Showcase its Latest Retail Queuing Technology at NRF 2015
Lavi Industries strengthens its Queue Management portfolio with new acquisition
Lavi Industries Partners With ZenGenius to Present The Future of Retail Store at Cultivate’14
New Guide Highlights 10 Tips for Successful Waiting Lines
Lavi Industries Launches Queue Builder Web App and Expands Resources for In-Queue Merchandising
Douglas County Implements QtracVR Virtual Queuing System to Expedite DMV Customer Service
Lavi Industries Introduces Infographic for Planning a Flexible and Effective In-Line Merchandising System
New Infographic for Retailers Highlights Why Merchandising Matters in the Queue
Branding & Promotion

The psychology of being occupied in line - November 7, 2011
Stimulation can make waiting seem shorter than it really is. Perhaps this is why creating entertainment for those who queue is a strong customer service practice.

How queue solutions can affect a brand - October 26, 2011
The different ways queues are designed and set up can make a difference for the company using them.

How to configure retractable belt stanchions for optimal queues - October 27, 2011
The best layout of stanchions for a queue can vary depending on what the queue is for.

Digital signage campaign highlights JCPenney ribbon-cutting in Texas - October 18, 2011
JCPenney used large digital signage as a unique branding opportunity during the opening ceremony of its new store in Dallas, Texas.

Crowds line up for Philadelphia food truck - January 24, 2011
One mobile food truck in Philadelphia is attracting big lines thanks to its one-of-a-kind flavor.

Long lines expected for Palin book signing - December 2, 2010
Hundreds of Sarah Palin fans camped out behind security barriers for a shot at one of the 500 wristbands given out, guaranteeing a place at the table during the former Alaska's governor's stop in Richland, South Carolina, on Wednesday night.

Daktronics projects strong second quarter in 2011 - November 23, 2010
Daktronics, an industry leader in digital signage, reported strong projections for Q2 2011, according to a Tuesday press release.

Hand sanitizers key to healthy office - November 11, 2010
With cold and flu season underway, consumers will be turning to hand sanitizers to ward off illness.

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