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Next Generation TSA Queuing System
at Bob Hope International Airport


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TSA LCDIn today’s busy airports, queuing people efficiently is a challenge; and nowhere is this more true than in airport TSA security installations. During peak hours, TSA facilities screen thousands of air travelers. “We all wish we lived in a world where security procedures at airports weren't necessary,” said John Pistole, TSA Chief, “but that just isn't the case.  We welcome feedback and comments on the screening procedures from the traveling public,” continued Mr. Pistole, “and we will work to make them as minimally invasive as possible.”

Recently, the Transportation Security Administration approached Lavi Industries
to develop a more effective queuing and signage program for Bob Hope Airport's Terminal A TSA facility. The goals of the system were to increase efficiency and enhance the passenger experience; increase traveler awareness of and compliance with TSA regulations, and to increase passenger flow and TSA operating efficiency.

TSA Banners

Drawing on more than 30 years experience designing queuing solutions for the world’s largest airlines and airports, Lavi Industries installed this state-of-the art TSA queuing system in 2010. Composed of Lavi Beltrac 3000 stanchions, grip-connected banner signage, and flat-screen messaging systems, the solution begins by dividing queuing operations into three distinct sections: passenger approach, passive queuing, and active screening areas.

The Approach Area
In the approach area, which begins in the hallway well before the TSA check point, highly visible 8-foot-tall grip-connected banners, supported by flat screen messaging above, channel Expert and Casual travelers into separate queues. Expert travelers, who travel frequently for business, know the TSA process and are more quickly screened; while casual travelers on vacation, or those traveling with children, require more time. Establishing these separate queues for these travelers effectively reduces line congestion and security delays, while enhancing the overall traveler experience.

Beltrac Retractable BeltThe Passive Queuing Area
Inside the TSA passive queuing area, which is defined by a coordinated system of Beltrac 3000 retractable-belt stanchions, both expert and casual travelers are guided to their respective screening stations. Post-mounted three-in-one signage reinforces TSA liquid regulations, while three-in-one bag stations and in-line tables facilitate traveler compliance.  Post-mounted hand sanitizers are also provided for traveler convenience. The configuration of this passive queuing system is designed to accommodate heavy traffic during peak travel times, yet be quickly and easily reconfigured to allow direct foot-path access to the security stations during light traffic periods.

The Active Screening Area
Approaching the active TSA screening area,  expert and casual travelers are guided via additional banner signage and split-queue podiums to their screening stations. Upon completing the security screening, air travelers are provided with a “recompose" area equipped with benches to assist them in quickly getting to their flights.

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