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Maximizing ROI with
NeXtrac In-Line Merchandising


In-Line Merchandising Signage

Merchandising RackFor brick and mortar retailers, today’s economic climate continues to present significant challenges. According to industry experts, retail success in the brick and mortar environment is achieved or lost at the checkout counter. With more than 65% of retail purchases being made on impulse, a cost-effective in-line merchandising solution will be essential for retail success this year and beyond.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Sales
Lavi Industries’ NeXtrac in-line merchandising system integrates directly with our Beltrac® 3000 retractable-belt stanchions, cost-effectively transforming existing customer queues into additional sales, messaging, and branding opportunities.

Businesses who have implemented NeXtrac in-line merchandising solutions have reported an instant and dramatic increase of sales at checkout – as much as 400%. Customers report hitting ROI targets weeks, sometimes days, after installing NeXtrac systems. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Merchandising BowlAs customers queue, NeXtrac in-line merchandisers present product to a captive audience. The customer is engaged, or at the very least distracted, and her perceived wait time dramatically decreases, in some instances by as much as 40%. As perceived wait times decrease, overall customer satisfaction increases, contributing to repeat customers and additional revenue.

The Math is Simple
Adding merchandising opportunities or promotional messaging directly into the queue does not have to be complicated. Start small. A single post-top Merchandising Bowl at the head of the queue costs almost nothing and will show you first-hand the power of in-line merchandising.

Of course, as you expand merchandising throughout the queue, NeXtrac scales up beautifully. It offers exceptional versatility and works in virtually any linear queue solution, from a single line to multiple line queues, adding valuable merchandising space without adding any additional footprint.

NeXtrac In-Line MerchandisingCustomer Flow and Merchandising:
A Single, Cost-Effective Solution

It’s a fact. Today’s brick and mortar retailers will face formidable challenges in the years to come—challenges that will need to be met with innovative marketing and merchandising strategies, and overcome with tactics that create new opportunities for success. The NeXtrac In-Line Merchandising system is just such an opportunity.

Integrated with Lavi Industries’ Betrac queuing stanchions, the NeXtrac system combines customer flow and in-line merchandising operations into a single, cost-effective solution; a solution that is rugged and easily configured; a solution backed up by more than 30 years of customer flow experience; a NeXtrac In-Line Merchandising solution designed, deployed and serviced by the leader in in-line merchandising, Lavi Industries. 

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