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Customer Flow and Queue Management Solutions From Lavi Industries.

Customer Flow and Queue Management Solutions From Lavi Industries

Wherever people congregate – from the gaming floor to the registration desk, from the food service line to the valet line — Lavi Industries can help with a solution tailored to your needs.

  • World class customer service and support, including in-house queuing and crowd control experts.
  • Large inventory of in-stock, ready to ship solutions.
  • Competitive prices on the highest quality products available – buy direct from the manufacturer.
  • In-house production capabilities for signage, belt imprinting, polishing, finishing and cutting.
  • In-house 3D rendering of queue configurations or custom crowd control products.
  • An integrated suite of products that works together to cost effectively improve the customer journey and your bottom line.
Win big with volume discounts on stanchions, signage, queuing systems for casinos, hotel lobbies, food service and valet lines.
Cash in with
volume discount
Post and rope stanchions create casino floor, hotel lobby, guest services and other registration area queues elegant and affordable.   Virtual queuing frees customers to play in the casino, relax or shop while waiting for service.  Call Forward queuing moves customers through line more quickly.  Improve profits and customer experience.   Crowd control, queuing and wayfinding signage systems for the casino floor, lobbies, guest services, valet lines and anywhere you need promotional, directional or branding signage.   Beltrac retractable belt stanchions create a successful queuing system.
Post and Rope Stanchions   Electronic Queueing   Signage   Retractable Belt Stanchions

Post and rope stanchions with velvet rope barriers offer an upscale and elegant queuing or barrier solution that will complement any décor.                                MORE>


Increase productivity and profits while dramatically improving the customer experience with Qtrac electronic queue management software.                                MORE>


Our extensive line of stylish signage systems make way-finding, promotions, advertising and branding a breeze.


Our acclaimed Beltrac® stanchions are the foundation of any successful queuing system, helping to effortlessly guide customers through your facility.

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