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Sanitizing Solution Bags
(Pack of 6)

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Pack of Six Instant Hand Sanitizing Solution Bags are sealed, air-tight and self-collapsing to prevent content and dispenser cross-contamination. One bag yields approximately 1,500 hand washings. Three highly effective formulas to choose from:

ORIGINAL: A fresh mint scent with very strong general effectiveness against the most common disease-causing germs such as colds, flu viruses and fungi. Medical-grade solution with a broad killing spectrum. Contains 70% isopropyl alcohol content. Certified for pre-surgical uses.

CITRUS: Designed for applications where low alcohol odor and user experience are a priority, such as in restaurants, on aircraft, in schools, hotels, resorts and retail outlets. Softens hands with a fresh citrus fragrance. Contains 63% ethyl alcohol content.

NORO: Formulated to maximize killing impact against the highly contagious Norovirus, while maintaining its superior effectiveness on common bacteria and microorganisms. Leaves hands softened and mint refreshed. Contains 63% ethyl alcohol content.

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