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NeXtrac In-Line Merchandising.
An ongoing
profit center.
  Increased customer
  Small footprint,
big sales.
  Flexible, versatile,
and economical.
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NeXtrac merchandising solutions pay for themselves in a very short time. You'll see an immediate increase in impulse buying at checkout, as well as ongoing incremental sales.


In-line merchandising, branding, and promotional materials provide and engaging experience that reduces perceived wait times and creates happier, more satisfied customers.


NeXtrac merchandising solutions have a very small footprint and feature double-sided merchandising panels, leveraging retail space and maximizing sales per squre foot.


NeXtrac's patented grip connectors make it the most flexible in-line merchandising solution on the market, instantly turning a Beltrac stanchion into a powerful merchandising system.


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