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La Guía del Comprador de Postes por Excelencia

February 07, 2013Lavi Industries

how to choose stanchions

Select the Right Stanchions for Crowd Control and Queuing

Narrow down your choices.

Stanchions are used in an array of settings to form waiting lines, direct the flow of crowds, control access, enhance safety, and more. As many combinations of uses and settings you can imagine, there are an equally expansive list of stanchions to choose from. When you’re in charge of the stanchion purchasing decision, the choices can be overwhelming. This guide is intended to help you wade through the choices and find the optimal stanchion for your unique venue, needs, and goals.

What's Covered in this Guide?

  • Tips related to the effective use of stanchions for crowd control and queue management
  • How to narrow your choices by understanding the 3 main categories of stanchions
  • The “anatomy” of a quality stanchion
  • A handy “cheat sheet” for matching your needs to the most popular Lavi stanchions

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