10 Products for a Safer and More Secure Passenger Experience

August 18, 2015Perry Kuklin

When you’re managing queues for an airport or passenger-focused business, you want to be able to live up to passenger expectations with a high-performing queue while also maintaining passenger safety and security. Here’s a closer look at 10 of our top public guidance and queuing products for transportation. Used alone or in combination, these solutions allow you to create a thoughtful approach to more orderly, established, clear queuing areas that convey safety and security information while enhancing passenger and employee safety.

1. Beltrac® Stanchions and Sign Frames

The industry standard for queues and crowd control, Beltrac® stanchions and sign frames are rugged enough and safe enough to handle the heaviest of traffic. The 4-way belt connection means queue designs can be flexible and easily altered as needed, but the weighted steel base with slotted rubberized feet also provides necessary stability, a priceless amenity for a queue guidance product that is constantly bumped into by harried travelers and their baggage.

wall-mounted retractable belts2. Retractable Belt Wall Mounts

Airlines and their sister transportation centers may run on tight schedules, but that doesn’t mean situations and queues don’t change all the time. Retractable belt wall mounts are a convenient way to deploy a public guidance tool at a moment’s notice, but they’re also ideal for passages that require temporary restricted access like security corridors or areas undergoing maintenance.

3. JetTrac™ Dual

Travel centers are expansive, and sometimes large areas (indoors or outdoors) need to be cordoned off or split up for safety reasons. JetTrac™ Dual quickly gets this job done, creating an instant weather-resistant barrier that can stretch up to 130 feet. JetTrac™ Dual over-delivers on ease of use, portability, stability, and safety.

4. Magnetic Post Bases

magnetic base system for stanchionsAny passenger-focused industry can expect high traffic, and that means sturdy stanchions with flexibility are a must-have. Magnetic base posts attach firmly to steel plates mounted in the floor, which means stanchions stay upright and firmly in place even in the wake of a major bump, and queues stay in their intended formation. This public guidance solution offers security and flexibility since posts can be removed or resituated quickly. Plus, they just look clean and contemporary.

5. Directrac Sign Stands

When highly visible signage needs to be changed, it shouldn’t be a hassle. Directrac sign stands are a two-sided signage solution that accommodates quick and easy changes to safety messages and security information.

6. Banner Signs

Travelers rely on their smartphones and digital signage, but there’s nothing like a big banner to put people at ease and clearly direct them where they need to go. Dynamic banner signs are tough enough to handle a busy passenger-focused hub. You can’t miss them, and they can be customized and double-sided for maximum impact, especially when it comes to conveying queuing and wayfinding messages.

access control gate7. Beltrac® Swing Gates

Portable swing gates make it easy to block passengers from restricted areas in minutes. Spring-loaded Beltrac® swing gates attach to any Beltrac® post to create an instant barrier and, when combined with signage, convey a very clear visual message to travelers.

8. NeXtrac® Gates and Rigid Rail™ Barriers

Stability, safety, and security are there in spades with NeXtrac® Gates and Rigid Rail™ barriers. The sleek, modern design is eye-catching and these guidance tools are strong enough to act as structural barriers for secure areas or work as a partition wall. The perimeter of the queue can be made even tougher with a Rigid Rail barrier.

9. Post and Panel Barriers

If you simply want to create a well-defined barrier, post and panel barriers are made to work with Beltrac posts through the use of small, flexible hinge connectors. Panels can be arranged in a variety of positions, define a queue, or create a solid perimeter around any area. Have the barriers do double duty by acting as signage – graphics can easily be inserted for messaging. Or, simply use black inserts to form an opaque barricade.

10. Post & Shield™ Bullet Proof Panels

Public and employee safety are always a key concern in airports and passenger-focused industries, and it’s wise to consider portable bullet proof panels for certain areas of your operation. Post & Shield™ Bullet Proof Panels are made of bullet-resistant fiberglass and work with Beltrac® Post and Panel systems to provide portable security to help protect against ballistic threats. Learn more about each of these safety and security solutions in our newest Quick Guide and easily compare them by price, ease of use, portability, stability, safety, and security with our simple and clear illustrations. Check out Transportation Safety and Security Solutions: Your Guide to a Safer and More Secure Passenger Experience and put these solutions to work. transportation safety and security solutions

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