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5 Queuing Solutions Your Customers Will be Thankful for

November 22, 2016Perry Kuklin

No matter what the location, long holiday queues can be the least enjoyable part of the whole season. By incorporating a few proven solutions, even with a big turnout you can keep your queue moving efficiently and keep your customers thankful and happy, maybe even coming back for more. Below are some ideas to create and maintain a positive customer experience throughout your queue.

1. Virtual Queuing

What could make your customer more thankful than being able to avoid the physical act of waiting line? Queuing technology today includes virtual queuing solutions where your customers can register for a place in your “virtual queue”, wait where they choose or continue shopping, and receive a convenient ‘call forward’ text or audible signal when it’s their turn to be served. With virtual queuing, customers avoid having to stand in line and gain more shopping or free time.

2. Digital Signage and In-Queue Merchandising

A great way to make the wait go by faster and more enjoyably is to fill customers’ time with something that distracts or entertains. Digital signage combined with in-queue merchandising can keep customers happily entertained while reducing perceived wait time and providing a boost to impulse buying at checkout.  Talk about a win-win.

3. Pre-Scheduled Waits

Delight your customers by letting them set appointments or reserve their place in line before they arrive. A virtual queue equipped with scheduling software gives customers the power to make a service appointment online or through a mobile app before they even arrive at your place of business. Not only can the convenience of pre-scheduled make your customers more thankful, it can allow you to better manage the scheduling of your employees and the service workload.

4. Call-Forward Queuing

One thing any customer would be happy to go without is the sound of a service agent yelling “Next in line!” when the next customer is being called to an open station. Not only is it annoying to listen to, it can be quite embarrassing for the customer at the head of the line who is being yelled at. A call-forward queuing system automates the process using visual and audio cues to hail customers to the next available agent. A flashing light at the open station along with eye-catching digital screens give customers the right amount of direction to keep the line moving. And that’s something we can all be thankful for.

5. In-Queue Feedback Mechanism

Customers appreciate having a voice and love to know their input creates a positive change. Give your customers the ability to give you real-time feedback on how they’re feeling about the speed, convenience, and effectiveness of your queue. Use the data and automated alerts to keep your pulse on exactly how things are going. If you see negativity creep in, get alerted so you can address it quickly and you can keep your customers happily impressed. These solutions are just a few ways that you can show customers how grateful you are for them and in turn, gain their gratitude and loyalty. By taking care of your customers, you will leave them more satisfied. If you have any questions about how to make the most of your queuing options for a great customer experience, reach out to one of our knowledgeable Lavi consultants today.  We’re here for you and we’re grateful for you!

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