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2 Unexpectedly Cool Ideas in In-Line Merchandising for Retailers

July 10, 2012Perry Kuklin

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Who doesn’t want to increase impulse sales or positive customer activity in the checkout line? Delight your customers, increase your bottom line, and create happiness all around with these two simple yet cool in-line merchandising ideas for retailers.

1. Digital Signage + In-Line Merchandising

A little digital instruction in your queue can go a long way

That trendy scarf every celeb in People magazine is wearing is on sale in your store – every woman is intrigued by it, but she has no idea how to pull it off. So you have no sale. Here’s the idea: Combine digital signage and in-line merchandising to offer a brief “how-to” video on said scarf, demonstrating the many and easy ways the product could be worn – and have the product on display right beside the digital short. Trendy scarf: sold.

You don’t have to be a clothing retailer to apply this methodology to your queue. Create step-by-step videos of how to use a specific piece of sporting equipment or new smartphone technology, how to enhance every dish that comes out of your kitchen, or how to keep a two-year-old in bed until the sun actually rises.

Digital signage keeps the customers in your queue entertained, informed, educated, and, most of all, distracted, which means the perceived wait time is much less than it would be without diversion. The in-line merchandising is just the icing on the cake, displaying a video’s featured item for impulse purchases galore!

2. In-Line Tables

Time isn’t all there is in your queue

You know your discount card is amazing – so do your customers. You know your store credit card offers great perks – your customers might really want one. But once people hit the checkout register, they’re preoccupied with finding their credit card or ID, tending to children asking for candy and other peripherals, and they’re often just plain ready to checkout and head out. This is not always the best moment to encourage someone to fill out a credit or rewards card application! If customers had more time, if there weren’t people behind them, if their kids weren’t ready to leave, perhaps more people would be keen to sign up for whatever it is you’re offering.

Here’s the idea: Try targeting customers with your offers and requests while they’re waiting in line. Place an in-line table with a pad of paper and pens, a kiosk, computer, whatever it takes to complete your credit card app, newsletter signup, rewards card application, contest entry, donation... If something you’re asking them to do at the register can be accomplished while they’re standing in line you might give yourself a better shot.  

Shake up your retail in-line merchandising strategy with cool ideas like these:

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