How Digital Signage Can Positively Impact In-Queue Impulse Sales

June 30, 2015Perry Kuklin

Digital signage can be a real difference maker when it comes to influencing point of purchase or in-queue sales. A FedEx Office study found that nearly 7 in 10 customers purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. And compared with other media messages like online banners (3 percent), magazines (21 percent), and television (32 percent), Nielson reports that digital signage trumps them all at a 52 percent recall rate. When it comes to your waiting lines, we contend that digital signage can play an especially powerful role. Here’s how:

1. Digital signage can increase product awareness

With so much competing for their attention, it’s easy for customers to overlook the cool new gadget you’ve placed in the queue. Signage can help draw attention and awareness to an otherwise passed-over product.

2. Demonstrate product usage

Digital signage, especially video content, is extremely powerful in demonstrating how a product works. Bringing a screen into the queue can help your customers quickly identify with the usefulness and worthiness of a product, and help increase sales as well.

3. Allow for customized and easy-to-change content

Have you ever tried to make a quick change to a printed sign? Not so easy is it? How about when you’re running multiple locations and need customized messaging for each location? The process becomes even more challenging. Digital signage systems are ideal in situations where you want maximum flexibility and customization. Tailor your messaging from store to store or region to region, and change on a dime. Digital messaging makes it easy.

4. Keep customers engaged (and therefore less likely to renege)

Let’s face it. If your customers hate to wait in line, as most do, you risk losing them before they even reach the cash register. Digital signage can help keep customers entertained and engaged, making the wait feel shorter and the desire to leave, less prominent. Use digital signage to present engaging content that will keep customers’ minds off the wait. Your customers have time on their hands in the waiting line. So instead of leaving them to their own devices, use digital signage to keep them engaged and to boost those last-minute sales. To maximize your effectiveness, look for a digital signage media management system that will allow you to centrally deploy signage across multiple stores and regions. Influencing in-queue sales isn’t just about having the merchandise within view, but offering additional incentive to buy – and digital signage is a great way to make that happen.

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