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Stop the Yelling! Quiet Down with an Electronic Queuing System

September 17, 2012Perry Kuklim

“I can help you over here!”  “Next customer!”  “Yoohoo!” Whatever verbal method a service agent uses to hail the next person in line, even if it’s a polite holler to attention, yelling in any form is not ideal. It’s embarrassing to the person at the head of the line who is off in la-la land, suddenly jolted to attention by the yelling. It’s frustrating to the people further back in line who are wondering why that person hasn’t yet noticed that there’s an open register. And it’s frustrating to the agent who has to sit there waving and shouting at the “oblivious” person looking off in the other direction. And, by the way, if you’re a business manager watching all this happen you’re cringing at the lost productivity that these delays are costing. There is a more effective – and less cacophonous – way to keep people moving through a line: It’s called electronic queuing. Electronic queuing keeps people moving and puts a lid on the yelling by using audible and visual cues to direct next-in-line customers to the next available service agents.

How Electronic Queuing Works:

Digital Displays

electronic queuing digital display

Digital displays, placed throughout the waiting area, provide visual announcements to indicate who is being served next and which station is open. It can also display videos, advertising stills, and other media both to keep waiting customers occupied and to keep eyes on the screen where they’ll be notified of their turn in line.

Audible Cues

Electronic queuing enables a more appropriate audible cue delivered through speakers that are placed within earshot of the people standing in line. Prompts such as, “Now serving customer 4A” or “Register number 5 is now open” delivered in a consistent, tasteful voice creates an effective, non-yelling notice to announce the next available agent. No more need for customers to be on high alert, seeking out a disembodied voice or hunting down a seemingly shorter, faster queue.

Station Lights

electronic queuing station lights

Station lights, placed at each service station or register, add an additional clue to quiet the yelling and alert customers of an available service agent. Tuned to the electronic queuing system, station lights can help customers who may be hard of hearing and they can help mark the open queue as customers travel from the end of the waiting line over to the open station. The point is, electronic queuing offers many sound benefits when it comes to boosting queue efficiency, decreasing wait times, increasing customer satisfaction, and yes – cutting down on the hooting, hollering, and yelling. Learn more by downloading our Electronic Queuing Buyer’s Guide or by consulting with a Lavi queuing expert.

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